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Our DRIVEWAY& PATIO cleaning services

We offer patio & driveway cleaning services in Peterborough, Huntingdon and Cambridge.

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Over time, neglecting your paving will result in the growth of Weed, Moss, Algae and Lichen. This will make the area look tired, worn and even uninviting.

Just Leaving your paving can cause it to become very slippery and become a potential hazard. 

Our cleaning process is designed for a maximum efficiency and will keep your patio & driveway clean for longer.

Driveways and patios can be made out of imprinted concrete, tarmac, tiles or decking, we can clean any type of surface efficiently.

Read on for a few more details about our patio & driveway cleaning process and different surfaces cleaning.



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    We are an exterior cleaning company based in March, Cambridgeshire. We offer services such as roof cleaning, driveway & patio cleaning, render cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter clearing and more!

    We work for residential and commercial customers providing all of the services above include pressure washing as well as soft washing. We cover all of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and parts of Hertfordshire.

    We take great pride in our work, using the best equipment on the market to ensure we get the best results possible.

    Our Roof DRIVEWAY & PATIO Cleaning Process

    The appearance is one of the first things people notice about your home/business premises, whether they are just walking past or even visiting.

    Over time, neglecting your paving will result in the growth of Weed, Moss, Algae and Lichen. This will make the area look tired, worn and even uninviting.
    Just Leaving your paving can cause it to become very slippery and become a potential hazard. You can solve this by either treating and pressure washing the area or using a Softwash solution. Doing this you do not only clean the area, but it also kills the roots of the organic growth too. Most of the time we do both, just to give the best possible results.

    Softwashing also helps with the cleaning process if there is gravel surrounding the area. That way, you reduce the risk of flicking stones up.

    Neither one of these ways are best for all situations.
    If your driveway/paving is covered in weeds we may apply a herbicide to the paving up to 14 days prior to cleaning to kill all the weeds, making sure none of them can grow back.

    We then turn up on the day of cleaning, apply a cleaning solution to remove any black spots known as lichen and help lift any deep stains. We then let this soak in and start working.

    After about 30 minutes we then start to clean the area. We use a turbo nozzle to rip out any large weeds and go around the edges then go over the area with our high powered flat surface cleaner running at 4000psi. This makes light work of any driveway, patio or even car park, keeping overspray to a minimum.

    Sometimes we use the turbo nozzle on the entire job, depending on the type of paving and the condition it’s in. After cleaning, we rinse all the dirt away and clean up any overspray.

    When cleaning block paving/monoblock you should be removing the old sand and dirt from the joints by approximately 10mm.

    After cleaning, it is left to dry and then replaced with fresh, sterile kiln dried sand. This helps keep away weeds and slow down the regrowth of moss, it also stops the blocks from moving and improves the stability of your driveway.

    Once sanded we apply a biocide to the area making sure we kill any leftover roots or spores, so your driveway stays clean for as long as possible. Taking into consideration the condition of your driveway or patio, we can make it look its absolute best!

    We also offer a sealing service that sets the sand hard in the gaps of your paving, improving the stability and inhibiting weed growth. If its slabs you have and not monoblock/block paving, sometimes the jointing compound will be removed due to it breaking from weathering or becoming weak over time.

    We do offer a re-pointing service if this is required and We also offer a colour enhancing sealer that brightens the colour of your block paving / monoblock, bringing it back to its former glory.

    The same process is applied to cleaning carparks apart from we will use a Degreaser when necessary and possibly have more machines running to get the job finished in a faster time.


    Imprinted concrete is a very low maintenance driveway/patio, but if neglected, can become very slippery and very faded.

    We apply a pre-treatment / soft wash solution to the concrete on arrival and let it soak in. This will help bring out any deep stains and start cleaning the area its self. We give it a good soaking and a good brush about to get it working and make sure it does its job.

    We will then use our flat surface cleaner, on a low pressure, to clean the area. Too much pressure can cause coloured sealer to come off. Obviously, this can not be helped if the driveway is already in a poor condition but the Softwash solution alone, should do most of the cleaning.

    Once cleaned and rinsed off, we wait for it to dry and apply a biocide to keep the weeds, moss and algae away for longer. We also offer a sealing service for imprinted concrete.

    Whether it just needs a top up coat, because its slightly faded and you want to brighten it.

    Or we can use a colour tint sealer if your imprinted concrete is in a bad state and really losing its colour.

    The sealer has a powder tint of what every colour your imprinted concrete is supposed to be. There is also an anti-slip additive you can add at your choice. The sealer is applied by brushing it on with a soft brush. This will give your concrete the original colour back it should be and make the area look new again.

    We can also seal up any cracks that may have appeared over the years to keep the frost out and stop the cracks from getting bigger.


    When cleaning tarmac, depending on the condition on the area, depends on the process we use.

    Most of the time the process consists of applying a biocide and weed killer to the area approximately 10 days prior to cleaning.

    We then leave this to start killing the moss and weeds. We then return and remove what we can with a stiff brush and brush as much as we can or scrape it up with a shovel.

    We then do the main clean with a flat surface cleaner on low pressure making sure we are careful and use a lance around the edges and to spot clean the poorer areas.

    When the area is clean and dry, we then apply another application of a biocide to keep the moss away. After having your tarmac cleaned, we advise that every 6-12 months you have biocide applied to keep on top of the area, as it will be more cost effective and better than risking causing damage by pressure washing.

    We also offer a tarmac sealing service. This enhances the colour of your tarmac and helps to cover any oil stains that may have occurred. This also seals the tarmac reducing the risk of further damage to the area.


    We start by brushing the area, removing any surface dirt and stones. We then apply a wood cleaning solution and let it dwell on the surface to help remove any deep staining.

    We then lightly pressure wash the area, on low pressure and a fanned tip, being as careful as possible. When the area is clean, we can re-apply the solution and give it another clean if needed.

    We then wait for it to dry and give it a real soaking of biocide, leaving it to soak in, making sure it gets in all the grooves. Killing any algae spores that may be left keeping it cleaner for longer and preserving the wood. It is then ready for staining if that is a route you would like to go down.


    We are top rated, read what our clients say about us!

    amazing roof cleaning company! My parents had these guys come out to clean there roof, they advised what they thought would be the best way and gave them a few options rather than push for the most expensive service. very honest, hard working, and all over did an excellent job! they also recommended a good roofing company as they are having there gutters replaced. top marks! thank you again.
    kelly woodard
    12:50 07 Feb 19
    Was recommended Elite by my neighbour who had some work done. They pressure washed our drive way and patio. The service was fantastic, as was the gentleman doing the work. Have already booked him back in to clean the render.Would highly recommend. Very professional, and very knowledgeable about his trade.
    Jaycee Bowman
    22:04 06 Feb 19
    Excellent pressure washing company, cleaned and sealed my block paving. Looks like new! I have booked in for a gutter cleaning since after seeing there quality of work. Highly recommend.
    Wendy Freeman
    12:09 07 Feb 19
    Over the moon with elite! Previously had a different company in to do my work and it was nothing but a shambles from start to finish. I had elite come out to fix the mess they had left behind and what an amazing job you have done. Thankyou for fixing this mess you worked extremely hard. Very honest and trusted would highly recommend and will be giving you a call in the near future 5 star 🙂
    Sharon Murphy
    12:39 07 Feb 19
    I was recommended Elite Pressure Washing from a friend, they came out and unblocked my guttering and cleaned my gutters and fascia. Very professional and hard working. Highly recommended
    jacqui bowman
    02:22 07 Feb 19
    Spent a couple of days looking for a roof cleaning company and came across elite pressure washing. they came out and quoted a reasonable price and undertook the work the following week. Turned up when they said they would and done an excellent job. Really happy with the work they done.
    Sarah Harding
    12:12 01 Mar 19
    Came round the same evening we spoke to provide a quote for gutters to be cleaned. Reasonable compared with other quotes received.Came on Sunday to complete the work and able to assist with providing quotes and recommendations for other jobs I needed doing.Professional and knowledgeable - Would highly recommend.
    Leanne Day
    10:55 19 Mar 19
    Excellent service, very reasonable costing and highly professional service. Thoroughly recommended.
    Paul thoday
    14:03 19 Jun 19
    Elite pressure washing have done a fantastic job cleaning our drive , re sanded , it looks new again , will recommend and use again. Thank you for your hard work .
    Tony Watson
    20:39 20 Aug 19
    Elite pressure washing have done a fantastic job cleaning our drive , re sanded , it looks new again , will recommend and use again. Thank you for your hard work .
    Tony Watson
    00:43 15 Jan 20
    Excellent service. Great communication. Great value. Excellent results. Definitely recommend
    Claire Pitcher
    17:12 27 Jan 20