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Leaving your roof to get a large build up of moss can cause you problems such as broken tiles from excessive growth from roots, water expanding from the freezing weather in the colder months. 

It can also cause damp in your home and reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

Our roof cleaning process is designed for a maximum efficency an will keep your roof clean for longer.

Our roof cleaning service comes with a moss and algae treatment and free gutter cleaning and clearing included.


Read on for a few more details about our roof cleaning process.


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We are a roof cleaning company based in the Peterborough area. We offer services such as roof cleaning, driveway & patio cleaning, render cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter clearing and more!

We work for residential and commercial customers providing all of the services above include pressure washing as well as soft washing. We cover all of Peterborough area.

We take great pride in our work, using the best equipment on the market to ensure we get the best results possible.

Our Roof Cleaning Peterborough Process

Roof Steam Clean

We deliver a variety of different roof cleaning services but what service is the best? Every property is different and not one method suits all. However, steam cleaning is the best and most thorough way to clean your roof.

We use low pressure but with Temperatures of up to 150°C. This not only cleans your roof but completely sanitises the surface killing organics such as moss, algae and lichen. Due to the low pressure and high temperatures, it removes the dirt with ease. It is a lot more delicate at removing moss from old, tired tiles and mortar minimising the risk of any form of damage.

With steam cleaning, we aim to avoid accessing the roof where possible and working off a scaffolding tower using telescopic steam poles to remove the unsightly and potentially damaging organics without stepping foot on the roof unless necessary.

Some properties we can clean with both feet on the ground and not even needing the use of portable scaffolding. This obviously all boils down to the shape and size of the property. Even though the steam kills all the organics on the surface we still apply a biocide treatment. The steam will kill any existing organics, but a biocide treatment adds a sustainable life span to the roof clean.

The biocide stays active on the service prolonging the regrowth of any organics. This can stay active for up to two years. Depending on how much sun the property gets and if there are any surrounding trees will determine how long the treatment will last.

Roof sealing

For a long-term deterrent for moss, algae and lichen we offer a ‘roof sealing’ service. This can only be applied to roofs that have been steam cleaned or low pressure cleaned. We cannot seal roofs that have been scraped and treated with biocide or softwashed. The roof sealant is a high quality, clear (natural look) solvent free, acrylic, impregnating sealer for concrete, clay and slate roof tiles. The sealer creates a waterproof barrier which greatly reduces the growth of moss, algae and lichen. Our roof sealer has a life span of up to 10 years.

Steam cleaning delivers an instant result given the desired outcome from the day of cleaning. 

Scraping and treating

When being on the roof, we place a roofing ladder on the roof to work from and in some occasions, we will use a cherry picker, depending on the type of tile, shape and the condition of the roof.

Depending on how bad the moss has covered the roof and the condition of the tiles, sometimes we start by applying a dose of biocide (if it is needed) 5-10 days before we start, to begin killing the moss. This makes it easier to remove the moss and reduce the risk of damages.
When we come back to start the job, we first start by blocking off all the guttering downpipes and laying down catch mats to catch falling moss to make cleaning up easier.

We then start by removing the moss with long telescopic tools so we move as little as possible to reduce the chance of causing any damage to the tiles. We will either access the roof by cat ladder and scrape from the roof or work from a scaffold tower.

When all the moss is removed we clean the gutters out, making sure there is nothing left in the gutters. When the roof is dry and free of moss, we apply another coat of biocide to the entire roof. This will kill the roots and spores of any moss or algae and start to kill any lichen on the roof.

This is a long term cleaning process that starts working within a few weeks and carries on cleaning over a few months. The moss spores, Algae and lichen are killed from the biocide and are naturally washed off with heavy rains and weathering over time.

This kills the roots of the moss but visually cleans your roof over the case of a few months. We recommend 1 more treatment of biocide after 9 months to a year after cleaning the roof to prevent the re-growth of moss, keeping your roof looking good for as long as possible.


A Softwash roof clean is the safest way to clean your roof with an instant result. Soft washing does not run any risk of shooting water into your loft space or stripping the coating of the tiles.
You cannot always see the total condition of a roof or the felt that lays underneath the tiles. It also does not run any risk of blowing the cement out of your ridge tiles or damaging what is already blown. There is a lot of cowboys out there that will clean your roof with too much pressure, blow the cement out of the ridge and then sell you a new ridge when it could have been prevented!
The cleaning process itself consists of either accessing the roof with a cat ladder or working off a scaffold tower at guttering height. We cover or disconnect all the downpipes to prevent blockages and manually scrape all the moss from your roof.

When the moss has been scraped off and the gutters have been emptied we apply a cleaning solution to the roof, soaking it and leaving it to dwell for 30 minutes – 60 minutes depending on the temperatures. Sometimes on badly covered roofs, we will agitate the area with a telescopic brush or water fed pole that applies the solution at the same time to help get into the deep staining.
This can be applied 2-3 times depending on how bad the algae build up is. After this process, the roof is then rinsed down with clean water. The cleaning solution will kill any algae and moss spores and start to kill any lichen.

The lichen may not be removed fully on the day because they hold a very tight grip to the tiles and mortar, but they will die and turn white. An after treatment is applied to the entire roof and this will continue to kill any remaining algae and lichen spores and stays active on the roof for multiple months to make sure no new growths start and it will continue to clean your roof over the next few months.

The lichen takes slightly longer to disappear completely. It can take up to a few months, sometimes longer in certain situations but they disappear with high rain and natural weathering as they die and flake away. After cleaning the roof may be left with white spots but that just means the lichen are dead and over time your roof will self-clean and be spotless. This is the preferred way to clean most roofs because of the minimal risk of causing any damage and getting a great result.

On a lot of roofs they can be cleaned without even taking a step on a single tile but occasionally it does make life a lot easier to work off the roof if it is safe to do so.

Low pressure roof cleaning

A low-pressure roof clean is a cheaper solution to ‘soft washing’, When carrying out a low-pressure roof clean it would preferably be on a roof that is in a reasonably good condition.

We start by blocking all the guttering downpipes and accessing the roof with a cat ladder or cherry picker, working off the ladder or out of the cherry picker basket.

The process consists of rinsing the roof down with low pressure, removing the moss, algae and lichen that is growing on there, bringing back the underlying colour of the tiles instead of seeing the dark dirty coloured surface they usually are. sometimes we will apply a cleaning solution before starting if we think the roof may need it.

A low pressure clean is an instant finish so you don’t have to wait for results. This is a very common way of cleaning roofs and very effective if you know what you are doing.

When the roof is fully cleaned and well rinsed we apply a biocide to kill the spores and roots from the algae making sure it does not grow back. Cleaning a roof with low pressure is like pulling up a weed, it’s gone but if you don’t kill the roots, there’s a very good chance it will come back. An after treatment is advised.
When we are done, a full clean down of all the gutters and overspray of dirt and moss is cleaned up, leaving your property looking amazing!


We are top rated, read what our clients say about us!

amazing roof cleaning company! My parents had these guys come out to clean there roof, they advised what they thought would be the best way and gave them a few options rather than push for the most expensive service. very honest, hard working, and all over did an excellent job! they also recommended a good roofing company as they are having there gutters replaced. top marks! thank you again.
kelly woodard
12:50 07 Feb 19
Was recommended Elite by my neighbour who had some work done. They pressure washed our drive way and patio. The service was fantastic, as was the gentleman doing the work. Have already booked him back in to clean the render.Would highly recommend. Very professional, and very knowledgeable about his trade.
Jaycee Bowman
22:04 06 Feb 19
Excellent pressure washing company, cleaned and sealed my block paving. Looks like new! I have booked in for a gutter cleaning since after seeing there quality of work. Highly recommend.
Wendy Freeman
12:09 07 Feb 19
Over the moon with elite! Previously had a different company in to do my work and it was nothing but a shambles from start to finish. I had elite come out to fix the mess they had left behind and what an amazing job you have done. Thankyou for fixing this mess you worked extremely hard. Very honest and trusted would highly recommend and will be giving you a call in the near future 5 star 🙂
Sharon Murphy
12:39 07 Feb 19
I was recommended Elite Pressure Washing from a friend, they came out and unblocked my guttering and cleaned my gutters and fascia. Very professional and hard working. Highly recommended
jacqui bowman
02:22 07 Feb 19
Spent a couple of days looking for a roof cleaning company and came across elite pressure washing. they came out and quoted a reasonable price and undertook the work the following week. Turned up when they said they would and done an excellent job. Really happy with the work they done.
Sarah Harding
12:12 01 Mar 19
Came round the same evening we spoke to provide a quote for gutters to be cleaned. Reasonable compared with other quotes received.Came on Sunday to complete the work and able to assist with providing quotes and recommendations for other jobs I needed doing.Professional and knowledgeable - Would highly recommend.
Leanne Day
10:55 19 Mar 19
Excellent service, very reasonable costing and highly professional service. Thoroughly recommended.
Paul thoday
14:03 19 Jun 19
Elite pressure washing have done a fantastic job cleaning our drive , re sanded , it looks new again , will recommend and use again. Thank you for your hard work .
Tony Watson
20:39 20 Aug 19
Elite pressure washing have done a fantastic job cleaning our drive , re sanded , it looks new again , will recommend and use again. Thank you for your hard work .
Tony Watson
00:43 15 Jan 20
Excellent service. Great communication. Great value. Excellent results. Definitely recommend
Claire Pitcher
17:12 27 Jan 20
Over the moon with elite! Previously had a different company in to do my work and it was nothing but a shambles from start to finish. I had elite come out to fix the mess they had left behind and what an amazing job you have done. Thankyou for fixing this mess you worked extremely hard. Very honest and trusted would highly recommend and will be giving you a call in the near future 5 star 🙂
Sharon Murphy
12:39 07 Feb 19
Thankyou for your work all star cleaning. I am very much impressed at the work you have carried out on my gutters. I would highly recommend you to others, friends and family. I very much appreciate the hard work and all the advice you have give me. Splendid jobMany thanks againMaureen
Maureen Milner
11:26 18 Dec 18
Spent a few days looking for a company to come out and give us a quote to clean our large block paved drive and patio.Came out and quoted very reasonable and did a fantastic job! We forgot what colour our patio was! Top service and a nice man. We have pre booked in for next spring.Mr and Mrs Murphy
stephen murphy
16:08 27 Nov 18
Logan came out and quoted our house 2 weeks ago,he went out of his way to fit us in around our schedule. We had a full exterior clean and i couldn't be happier with the results! I planned to just have our roof cleaned but was very pleased with the results and had numerous compliments that me and my wife had Logan come back to do our render, fascias/gutters and driveway cleaned at a great price. My house looks immaculate and the best its looked in years. Very friendly,professional and well mannered young man. Highly recommend all star cleaning, thanks again.
michael dickins
20:35 17 Mar 18
Logan made an excellent job of refurbishing a drive way.
Julian Frost
06:59 12 Jul 22
Recently brought a new house which had been neglected in terms of exterior cleaning, I was recommended Logan by a friend. I gave him a call to get a quote, the cheapest by far and the work he does is the best I’ve seen! Completely outshines the work that I’ve had done in the past.
Tyler Clarke
20:09 02 Dec 18
I could not recommend this service more. Extremely professional, and friendly, and very good value. Our roof was not in good shape at all, and now it looks almost new, very impressed. The same can be said for the job done on our house, which after the clean-up looks like it has been re-painted rather than cleaned.Brilliant all round job!
Brad Pearton
09:51 15 Nov 22
After searching Google for a cleaning company to do my Driveway, I came across Elite. Firstly the prompt response by owner Logan was efficient and polite and he was able to visit to look at the work required. After a competitive quote not only did we agree on the driveway to be cleaned and resanded, we also had the patio and paths also cleaned and repointed. Logon is a perfectionist in his work and after travelling across to put on weed killer he then spent 2.5 days at our home producing and excellent job. Our driveway and patio looks like new and although the jobs do make a mess, Logan even cleaned all windows afterwards to ensure our home was left spotless. If you are looking for any type of cleaning/pressure washing don’t look any further than Logan and Elite you will not be disappointed.
Stuart Clark
21:38 10 May 19
I had Logan come out and clean my roof and driveway would highly recommend very friendly and polite works to a very high standard also he is coming to lay my patio next year
Gemma Firth
12:07 20 Dec 18
A* service , very polite chap , come and cleaned my patio that was neglected by myself for many years , it now looking better than it ever has before I will also get Logan to keep on top of it for me from now on , 10 stars from me keep up the good work
Aaron Hemstead
09:28 13 Aug 18
Cleaned gutters for us and did a great job. Price was reasonable, communication was excellent and showed up on time. Would highly recommend.
Paul Haselgrove
20:23 19 Dec 22
Amazing service start to finish,Clear written quotation emailed over same day as he visited to view the job in hand. Quality of work is amazing, driveway is like new and gutters and windows lovely and clean. Will certainly recommend and use again! Thank you
Ben Baker
19:13 01 Feb 23
Excellent service & nice people who did a fantastic & professional job.. Will use again A++
Bazza Johnson
13:03 09 Jun 23
Fantastic service from Logan and Tom. They did a brilliant job of cleaning our roof and left everything clean and tidy. Would highly recommend.
Caroline Cadman
13:02 14 Jul 23
I had Logan come out and pressure wash my driveway and patio, very polite, professional and reasonably priced. We even booked in to have our gutters cleared while he was here. Highly recommend Logan and would definitely use again.
Lewis Carre
20:04 19 Dec 18
Just had the pleasure of meeting Logan . Instead of charging me for a service and making money for himself he explained i was better off doing the job myself at a fraction of the cost.Very honest guy haven't used his service but definitely will in the future.
Niraj Khosla
19:22 13 May 24